from Dr. Kochert


On April 22, 2014

Prolotherapy is a method of injection treatment designed to stimulate healing. Many different types of musculoskeletal injuries and pain lend themselves to pro- lotherapy treatment including low back and neck pain, chronic sprains and/or strains, whiplash injuries, tennis and golfer’s elbow, knee, ankle, shoulder or other joint pain, chronic tendonitis/ten- donosis, and musculoskeletal pain relat- ed to osteoarthritis. Prolotherapy works by raising growth factor levels or effective- ness to promote tissue repair or growth. It can be used years after the initial pain or problem began, as long as the patient is healthy.

Prolotherapy works by causing a tem- porary, low grade inflammation at the site of ligament or tendon weakness (fibro-os- seous junction), “tricking” the body into initialing a new healing cascade. Inflam- mation activates fibroblasts to the area, which synthesize precursors to mature collagen, and thereby reinforcing connec- tive tissue. This inflammatory stimulus raises the level of growth factors to resume or initiate a new connective tissue repair sequence to complete one which had pre- maturely aborted or never started. Pro- lotherapy is also known as “regenerative injection therapy (RIT),” “non-surgical tendon, ligament and joint reconstruc- tion,” or “growth factor stimulation injec- tion therapy.”

Article here: http://www.prolotherapy.com/low_back_ppm.pdf


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