Dr. Carolyn Kochert, M.D.


Yes, There Is Hope

Like all victims of chronic pain—the nagging, the completely debilitating, the life-stealing—you've arrived here by way of your own unique path.

But, if you've explored surgery, epidurals, prescription medications or any of the other common-response treatments for pain—only to come up empty or fearful of the risks—you're hardly alone.

Take it from those who've come before you. Real medical solutions exist that are outside of the common response.

You Owe Yourself Another Professional Opinion

Before you give up hope...
Before you roll the dice on surgery or resign yourself to a lifetime of cortisone injections and pain pills...

Her patient-first approach starts with a thorough, no-rush examination aimed at finding— and solving—the root cause of your pain.

What's So Different About
Dr. Kochert Pain & Health

At the very least, you should understand what we do and why it's so often more effective than surgery or pain "management."


Who Is Dr. Kochert, M.D.?

Get to know the physician who will take the time to know you.



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