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Optimism. A belief that you can return to a life without pain. This has everything to do with your experience and your outcome as a patient at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health. If you’re a new patient, considering your first appointment, stay positive and keep these important points in mind.

Pain Therapy

 Pain Therapy Is a Prescription It’s based on an honest diagnosis.

Dr. Kochert won’t mislead you about your health. Dr. Kochert’s regenerative-injection and other pain therapies are very often the long-lost solution patients have been seeking for their afflictions.

But they’re not a cure-all. And, for your peace of mind, Dr. Kochert won’t manufacture a reason to recommend them.

That’s why your experience here will start with a thorough evaluation and consultation, to determine the actual cause of your pain, and the best way to treat it—even if that means referring you somewhere else.

Pain Therapy Is a Process

The patients who experience the best results, and return to a pain-free life, are those who maintain the proper perspective.

  • Pain therapy is not an immediate fix.
    It most often involves multiple treatments over a few weeks. So, you should be prepared to make a commitment to the process. The good news is, of course, there is a payoff—the pain problem gets solved, not concealed by medication.
  • Pain therapy is literally targeted at the pain source.
    So, some treatments involve further pain and soreness. But it’s temporary, and a stepping-stone to the end. Not to mention, as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Kochert has ways to minimize these effects.
  • Your overall health and immune-system strength impact the course of your therapy.
    Smoking, medications and other factors can affect how long results take. Dr. Kochert will want to know more about your history during your exam. Don’t lose hope. But be realistic. Everyone heals at different speeds.
  • Nutrition is a big part of healing.
    Dr. Kochert will guide you on this during the process. Stay true to whatever diet plan she recommends.
Pain Therapy Is an Investment

It Is an Investment in Your Health Insurance coverage is always a foremost question for new patients. But, hopefully, your decision to undergo therapy doesn’t entirely hinge on it.

Dr. Kochert’s most effective pain therapies are not typically covered by health insurance. Other services can fall under your plan, but they are rarely a solution by themselves.
It’s completely understandable that patients seek to minimize out-of-pocket costs. Just know that, if you truly want to get better and solve your pain problem, it’s vital to look at pain therapy as an investment in your health.

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