Specializing in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Carolyn Kochert
Dr. Carolyn Kochert

Dr. Carolyn G Kochert is the CEO of Dr. Kochert’s Pain & Wellness Institute, she is Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and American Board of Pain Management. She is a member of the American Academy of Pain Management, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and the American Pain Society and the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine. Certified in Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy since 2020 . Dr. Kochert has been practicing medicine for 45 years.

Carolyn was inspired by her mother, who believed in the Natural Treatment of health issues, and chose a career in Medicine and graduated with Honors from Purdue University College of Pharmacy before entering Medical School. After graduating from Indiana University Medical School in Indianapolis with Highest Distinction in 1981, Dr. Kochert pursued a career in Anesthesiology before her own debilitating experience with sacroiliac joint disfunction turned her focus to the challenges of Chronic Pain Management. She opened her own practice in 1999 after 15 years of practicing Anesthesia. This also led to breakthroughs in non- traditional healing techniques that has brought her Practice to where it is today.

Dr. Kochert’s Pain & Wellness Institute is a patient Centered Care Practice, with a compassionate, innovative approach to Health and Wellbeing. Dr, Kochert is dedicated to forming a unique bond with each of her patients through Communication and Respect. The Innovative Therapies offered here are the Hallmarks of her Practice and have established Dr. Kochert as a preeminent resource for Prolotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapies, Hormone Replacement Therapy, SGB (Stellate Ganglion Block) Therapy and more. As well as Aesthetics such as AviClear Services, Icon Laser Services, Micro-Needling Services, Secret RF/Secret Pro Services, TruSculpt Services.

She has served her patients for 15 years in Regenerative Medicine and 2 years thus far in Hormone Replacement Therapy and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She genuinely LOVES what she does and is dedicated to her patients and her practice.

We would like to take this opportunity to Welcome you to Dr. Kochert’s Pain & Wellness Institute, we look forward to serving your Health and Wellbeing needs.