Did you blow your diet?

Yup, it’s happened to us all.  A birthday, a holiday, a moment of weakness…

What to do in the aftermath of too much food: 

Make your next meal low-carb, moderate fat, moderate protein

Example: baked chicken & salad or cooked veggies with olive oil and seasoning

  • Helps to even out blood sugar
  • Promotes digestion
  • Brings pH of the stomach back to normal levels

Keep moving

  • Stay off the couch
  • Exercise lightly- walk or stretch or prep healthy food!
  • Uses some of the glycogen (stored carbohydrates)

Think happy thoughts

  • Depression and guilt can lower blood sugar levels, causing more cravings and a vicious cycle of junk food consumption
  • Take a moment to breathe deeply, and reassure yourself that you’ll get back on track within a couple days

As we approach cold and flu season, sugar consumption has tougher consequences. You know how after eating sugar, your heart races, you start to sweat or you feel a sugar “crash”? That means the dose of sugar you consumed was enough to suppress your immune system. It’s going to take about 24 hours to recover. If you come into contact with a virus, you’re likely to get sick.

Take home message- Try to follow a healthy diet as much as possible. If you overdo the treats, follow the instructions above to get back to healthy fast!