Learn More About How the P-Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

Who wouldn’t love a healthier, more active sex life? Most of us would jump on any healthy opportunity for a better sex life and more intimacy. As we age, sometimes we aren’t able to perform sexually the way we could when we were younger and healthier. Underlying health conditions, including injuries, could also cause issues with sexual performance. Stress, too, can affect your sexual performance, but there are ways to treat these issues. 

Dr. Carolyn Kochert leads our team here at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health. With over 30 years of experience in pain management, Dr. Kochert is up to date on the latest proven medical techniques to help you lead a more comfortable and complete life. We understand the shame and embarrassment that sexual performance issues can cause. We also understand that these problems can impact your self-esteem, your romantic relationship, and your mental health. With innovative new treatments at our fingertips, we can offer the best to each of our patients. 

Why would I need a P-shot? 

If you’re a man living with sexual performance issues, we offer a treatment that may help you. The Priapus Shot® (P-Shot) is one of our treatments that’s used specifically for men’s sexual health, and it’s named for the little-known Greek god of fertility. If you’re struggling with the health of your penis, this could be a good option for you. We use this treatment to alleviate erectile dysfunction (ED), poor blood flow to the penis, and even nerve damage. With as many as 31% of men living with ED, they’re often the biggest benefactors of the P-Shot.

What is a P-Shot?

A P-shot is one of the latest innovations in men’s sexual health. Instead of utilizing pills or devices, a P-Shot uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help you heal naturally. PRP has a variety of uses for people of all genders and has been used to heal joints, boost facials, and reduce pain. 

Whenever you come in for your series of P-Shots, Dr. Kochert guides you to a comfortable place to sit and takes a little blood from your arm to harvest your platelets. She applies a numbing cream to your penis and uses a tiny needle to inject your PRP directly into your penis in several spots. You’re free to go straight home or back to work. There are usually no side effects, and the ones that occur are very mild.  

What’s stopping me from getting a P-Shot today?

The only thing you need to do today is make a call to set up your consultation, and then nothing is stopping you from getting a P-Shot. Dr. Kochert sits down with you to discuss your medical history and confirm that you’re a candidate for this treatment. Though this is a 100% naturally derived treatment sourced from your own body, there are a couple of conditions that may get in the way. Among these are low platelet count, anemia, cancer, or any other type of infection.   

Along with the P-Shot, a great compliment treatment to intensify your results long-term is Shockwave therapy for those with more advanced ED. This is another service Dr. Kochert offers so if you’re interested in beating your ED, you can easily speak with her about the many options offered at her practice.

If you think you may be a candidate for a P-Shot, we’re waiting for you. Call our office in Lafayette, Indiana, for an appointment or use our message system to request an appointment at your convenience.