How Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Can Help You Achieve the Results You Want

For all the traits people share, they remain uniquely individual. You may have plenty in common with your best friend, but they love broccoli while you won’t get near it without a pitcher of cheese sauce. 

The same holds true with weight-loss plans. What works for one person may not produce similar results for another. Despite the claims of the latest trend, there’s no one-size-fits-all weight-loss solution.

Choosing to enlist Dr. Kochert Pain & Health as your weight-loss partner offers you the benefits of physician-supervised weight loss. Medical assistance can help you get past the plateaus that stall so many efforts. 

Even when you take the pounds off, maintaining that loss could be a bigger challenge. Since she’s a weight-loss specialist, having Dr. Kochert in your corner gives you the resources and support you need to transition to your new, healthier lifestyle.

Challenges to weight loss

If losing weight was simple, obesity wouldn’t be the issue it is today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that obesity affects over 40% of Americans. Conditions connected to being overweight are some of the most common preventable illnesses leading to death. The economic impact costs the health care system billions each year.

Weight loss is a multi-faceted problem. It’s not simply a matter of adding exercise and eating less. While those aspects are certainly important, it’s necessary to fit these into context of your life. Your overall health comes into play, too, since you may have conditions that impact your weight-loss efforts.

It takes more than willpower

Physician-assisted weight loss provides you with access to strategies and treatments unavailable to you when you’re supervising your own plan. Specialized diets may provide aggressive weight loss but could carry potential side effects. 

Dr. Kochert and her team can protect you from anything that may harm your health. They monitor you closely, performing tests when needed to keep you on track with your weight goals and check for any issues that may be developing.

When your plan stalls, it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re on your own. You’ll have questions like, “What’s the next step?” or “What should I do now?” Concerns like these derail many people who aren’t seeing the results they want. 

With medical supervision, you have a place to ask these questions and more, as well as a source of answers and new strategies. You’re not alone, and that could make all the difference.

The weight-loss playbook

Dr. Kochert and her team take an individual approach to weight loss. In your initial consultation, you’ll discuss your previous efforts. That way they know what worked for you and what didn’t. A physical exam is likely, searching for evidence of conditions that may be hindering your weight loss, problems such as thyroid issues, sleep apnea, hormonal balance, stress, or anxiety.

With a better picture of your overall health and weight-loss challenges, Dr. Kochert can then choose strategies to create the easiest path to your weight loss, including specialized meal plans, vitamin infusions, and vitamin B12, and lipo injections.

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