How the O-Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is so much better when there’s nothing to worry about, like an unplanned pregnancy, making menopause a liberating time of life. However, the changes that happen during menopause can interfere with your body’s sexual performance, resulting in lack of desire, insufficient arousal, discomfort, and even pain during intercourse. Sex is no longer worry-free if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. 

There are treatments for the physical symptoms, but these often involve hormone therapy, which can carry its own health risks, especially for some women. What’s needed is a natural way to restore intimate tissues without the use of hormones or other medications. 

The team at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health proudly offers the O-Shot® to their patients who want to recover the pleasure of their sex lives. An all-natural treatment that uses the principles of regenerative medicine, the O-Shot helps you recapture the sensations that keep your bedroom game in top order. 

The loss of sexual pleasure

Human sexuality is a complex process that combines emotional and physical aspects to create desire and sexual responsiveness. Satisfying sex becomes difficult when any single aspect falls out of balance. 

This is a key reason why menopausal women sometimes have difficulty. The falloff of estrogen levels trigger body changes, like vaginal dryness, that interfere with pleasurable sex. When the physical changes occur, a woman’s confidence and self-image can suffer too. Women suffer with a variety of issues that block sexual pleasure, including:

  • Dyspareunia: pain during sex that’s not due to vaginal spasms or lubrication issues
  • Low desire: body changes interfere with the desire to have sex
  • Orgasmic disorder: inability to achieve orgasm, despite arousal

Some of these are only problematic when they’re at odds with a woman’s wishes and interfere with her enjoyment of life.

The O-Shot answer

Sometimes, the best answers are also the simplest. The O-Shot is based on the regenerative medicine technique called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a powerful procedure with benefits that are still being discovered.

Platelets are the blood component best known for clotting when you have a cut or scrape, but that’s only the beginning of their properties. When you suffer an injury, stopping the bleeding is the first priority, but then your body turns toward healing itself. Platelets contain growth factors and other chemical messengers that aid the healing process. However, natural supplies of platelets are limited to those that can be delivered by the bloodstream.

The PRP therapy process uses a sample of your own blood which is then treated to isolate the platelets. The PRP is prepared and strategically injected in compliance with the proprietary O-Shot process.

The result? These added growth factors speed the renewal of intimate tissues, breaking the cycle of decline. With the improvement in physical conditions some emotional benefits too. While results vary between patients, many women find that issues interfering with their sex lives vanish. Some even report orgasms that are easier and more intense than they’ve ever experienced.

Find out what the O-Shot can offer you by contacting Dr. Kochert Pain & Health by phone or online. You can take charge of sex life and reverse the effects of aging and menopause. Book your consultation now.