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About Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Kochert is 100% Pro-Life and believes that the harvesting of embryonic stem cells is, in fact, taking a human life and therefore is immoral, unethical, and antithetical to a physician’s oath to “first do no harm”. Adult stem cells are easy to control, easy to isolate, and does not involve any ethical issue to isolate. There have been no case reports of tumors or other adverse effects.

Stem cell procedures have been widely researched and practiced. Current research suggests that separating and utilizing your own stem cells can stimulate your body to regenerate and increase the healing mechanisms. Stem Cell treatments have been found to be safe with highly beneficial results for patients.

Most often, stem cell procedures are used as an alternative or in conjunction with traditional therapies and/or procedures. Stem cell research has been performed on multiple chronic diseases in which the results have been highly beneficial to the patients.

Bone Marrow Procedure

  1. Consultation: It all begins with a consultation with our board-certified physician. She will review your past medical records, imaging reports, and lab work. Then after taking a complete history and doing a physical she will recommend further testing if needed and let you know if you are a good candidate for a stem cell procedure.
  2. Health Optimization: We want this procedure to work! We will recommend supplement or pharmaceutical interventions based on your testing to optimize your health before the procedure.
  3. Bone Marrow Procedure: Once optimized you will be ready for the procedure. We will perform a minimally invasive small bone marrow graft from your hip bone (Ileum, big hip bone). Then while you rest, our physician will isolate your stem cells in our onsite stem cell laboratory utilizing the most cutting-edge isolation protocols.
  4. Delivery: Once the stem cells have been isolated and concentrated they will be delivered back to you either via an injection in a joint or injured area.
  5. Regeneration: Now the healing begins. Unlike pharmaceutical treatments, which work quickly and then, wear off; biologics like ADSC initiate a healing cascade that sees continued improvements up to two years out.

Bone Marrow Harvesting

Bone Marrow Harvesting is highly innovative. Utilizing minimally invasive instrumentation that collects purified bone marrow aspirate from your hip. The aspirate is especially high in progenitor stem cells which ultimately leads to a concentrate that’s supraphysiologic in regenerative stem cells.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is obtained through drawing blood. After a patient’s blood is drawn, the blood is centrifuged. When the blood is centrifuged, we carefully prepare your PRP by hand to achieve concentrate 10 times or more than concentrate in whole blood.

PPP – Platelet Poor Plasma

PPP is extracted through drawing blood. It is put into an ointment that you can later apply after the procedure. This mixture prevents scarring.

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Ideal Candidates Have

  • Physician-diagnosed soft tissue stress or damage
  • Determination to follow a healing process—not looking for a “quick fix”
  • Strong immune system
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Optimism (very important)

Patients Should Expect

  • During the first six weeks after the procedure, you will be undergoing an anti-inflammatory phase of healing. During this time you might experience a decrease in pain or no change at all.
  • During the next six months to a year or more, you will be undergoing the regenerative phase of healing. This is where biologic treatments break from traditional pharmaceutical treatments: when they stop working, biologics are just starting to do their work.

Treats Complications from Diseases Such as:

  • COPD
  • Chronic Asthma
  • Rheumatological diseases




Other injuries treated include:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Tendonitis
  • Acute muscle strain
  • Fibrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cartilage defects
  • Meniscal injury
  • and many other soft-tissue problems
How do stem cells work to heal the body?

Stem cells are your bodies natural healing cells that are acting daily to make minor repairs to your joints, ligaments, tendons and other tissue. Sometimes the repair process gets overwhelmed by the degenerative process and breakdown and aging/arthritis develops in the joint. By harvesting your bodies own stem cells and concentrating them we can reverse the degenerating process and actually heal degenerating joints and tissue. At Dr. Kochert’s we do not use a commercial bedside, one size fits all centrifuge machine. We harvest the stem cells from your own bone marrow and then carefully separate the layers of cells in a sterile hood so we can get the purest and highest concentration of cells to treat your specific condition. To augment the healing process for maximal healing, we mix the stem cells with long acting platelets, platelet lysate, and immediate growth factors. Our treatments are tailored to your injury and personal needs. We also look at the nerves surrounding the joint that can impair a regenerative process as well as maximize healing with a functional medicine evaluation prior to any treatment. We know that it is not just injecting cells, but also maximizing and enhancing your bodies response to the treatment

What are stem cells and platelets and how do they aid each other in the healing process?

A STEM CELL is a cell formed in bone marrow created with the purpose to heal and repair areas in our body.  PLATELETS also aid in this process by initiating the repair process and signaling repair cells like STEM CELLS to attach to the degenerated or injured tissue to bind and repair. The healing process involves a complex intercommunication between a wide variety of cells in our body. Routinely the healing cascade happens in three stages: Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling. The irony behind an injury is that many healthcare professionals look at inflammation as a negative response from the body that must be stopped. Ibuprofen is often recommended to slow down the inflammation.  Studies confirm that anti-inflammatory medications slow down the healing process and impair healing.  Controlled inflammation is actually needed to augment the natural repair and healing process in our bodies.  Imagine there were three gears to power your healing response. Each gear is dependent on the process that precedes it.  Healing needs Inflammation to start the repair process, followed by Proliferation to grow new healthy tissue and Remodeling to strengthen and mature the injured and degenerated area.

A non-surgical treatment for pain, injury & arthritis

It is an exciting time in orthopedics as we no longer need to rely on surgery or pain medications to treat injuries, pain and arthritis.  In fact recent studies looking at knee scope “clean out” surgeries and knee meniscal surgeries actually show no better outcome then exercise alone and after surgery the risk of developing arthritis in that joint actually increases.  We now have the technology and research to support the use of STEM CELLS and PLATELETS to reverse joint degeneration from arthritis to ligament and meniscal tearing.

Platelets & stem cells for tissue regeneration & remodeling

 1. Growth factors released from activated platelets bind to cell membrane to activate genes controlling mitosis. Notice the different codes of receptors along the membrane of the cell. The platelets match the receptors to signal the appropriate regeneration or transformation process to the Stem Cell.

2. Before signaling here is a growth factor from a platelet.

3. Notice the small size of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinases before activation occurs.

4. Growth Factor binds to the receptors

5. Activation happens in the Receptor Tyrosine Kinases. Notice how it is enlarged.

6. The scaffolding is built and the signal pathway is switched on and the receptor activates the secondary messenger proteins.

7. Secondary messenger proteins now have the power to enter the nucleus to affect expression of genes. 8. This expression of genes is what triggers the appropriate cell division.

Cell remodeling with help from stem cells & platelet rich plasma (PRP)

1. When an injury occurs the body sends a healing response and increases blood flow. Platelets are present and begin to repair the damaged tissues. (Figure 1) But notice what happens in figure

2. When we apply PRP or Platelet Rich growth factors to the damaged tissue we have a better cell scaffold for tissue regeneration and repair by reducing the red blood cell pollution. We can even take it a step further and add Stem Cells to increase the cell remodeling, as you will see in diagram

3. The environment in diagram 3 is significantly more conducive to tissue repair than shown in diagram 1.

What are stem cells? Are there difference stem cells or are they all the same?

There are different types of stem cells in our bodies. There are Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) which turn into new blood cells, but can also help establish much needed blood supply to the healing cascade. In the HSC family there are Pluripotential Hematopietic Stem Cells, Myeloid Stem Cells, and Lymphoid Stem Cells. Because these cells can be found in your blood, some physicians who practice Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) will refer to PRP as Stem Cell PRP or Advanced PRP. However, blood based stem cells HSCs only increase blood flow and respond very differently than Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Mesenchymal Stem Cells can be harvested from adipose / fat tissue on the body, or from the bone marrow of the hip. Research has very little data to show the effectiveness of the fat derived stem cells, whereas the research is strong when studies were performed using bone marrow harvested mesenchymal stem cells. This is why Dr. Kochert’s  uses the MSCs derived from bone marrow in all stem cell based regenerative procedures.

So as long as I can get stem cells and platelets into my damaged tissue then I should see healing take place, correct?
No.  This is where an experienced and well a trained physician comes into the picture. platelets and stem cells exist in two states: a resting state and an active state. The cells simply exist in our body in the resting state until called upon by the body to move into the active state.  The cells need to be delivered using guidance to the joint and supporting tissues around the joint to achieve maximum healing.  Simply injecting dormant cells into the body may not be enough to achieve the desired results. A trained physician, such as those here at Dr. Kochert’s, use a patented technique that encourages these cells to activate and presume the pseudopod formation (active state) in or around the damaged tissue. By injecting not only the joint but the damaged and weak tissues surrounding the joint, Dr. Kochert’s results are life changing and can be heard and seen in the video testimonies of our patients or the written success stories of our patients.
Are these the same stem cells used that are controversial?
No. As we covered above, there are many types of adult stem cells. The cells used in these procedures are autologous cells, meaning our body’s own cells. These cells have no controversy surrounding them. These cells are not artificially grown or manipulated in a lab and are not embryonic cells taken from embryos.
Are there studies that support the effectiveness of stem cells in healing the body?
Yes. There are several studies that have been done supporting stem cell regenerative medicine. Keep in mind, these studies were done using the stem cells harvested from bone marrow. There is not a significant amount of research that has been done using stem cells derived from fat. We have organized the research for you here. Dr. Kochert’s is an evidence-based clinic. Everything we do has data to support it..

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