Give Your Sex Life a Boost With the O-Shot

You’ve always been into healthy living, and that included a satisfying sex life with plenty of orgasms. But whether you’ve noticed that you’re not quite as responsive as you used to be, or you’re just ready to take your sexuality to the next level, you now have a way to do it. And you won’t need a little blue pill.

The O-Shot® (aka orgasm shot) is a restorative treatment that stimulates your clitoris, vagina, and vulva to rejuvenate them with new proteins and increased blood flow. As with many of today’s all-natural, state-of-the-art rejuvenation therapies, the O-Shot is based on a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum your doctor creates from your own blood.

Regenerative medicine specialist, Carolyn Kochert, MD, founded Dr. Kochert Pain & Health in  Lafayette, Indiana, more than 34 years ago to help women and men of all ages take charge of their own health. Whether you’re officially a biohacker or just love to benefit from new technologies and treatments that are available today, Dr. Kochert helps you reach your goals, and that includes a better sex life.

More and better Ohs!

Whether you’ve never been able to orgasm, you’ve noticed a decline in the number or quality of your orgasms, or you’re just curious about how good things can get, the O-Shot was meant for you. Dr. Kochert injects the PRP serum into your labia and inside the top entrance of your vagina, in an area sometimes referred to as the “G (aka Graffian) spot.” Benefits include:

  • More orgasms
  • More intense orgasms
  • Easier, faster arousal
  • More lubrication
  • Tighter vaginal opening
  • No pain or discomfort during sex

More than 90% of women who’ve reviewed the O-Shot on RealSelf report improvements in their sex life. Women who’d never been able to reach orgasm at all find that they easily climax after their O-Shot.

Why the O-Shot works

The O-Shot’s serum is composed primarily of a super-concentrated mix of your blood’s platelets. Platelets are cell fragments that rush to the site of injury to stop you from bleeding by coagulating your blood. Platelets contain ingredients that help your body repair itself, including growth factors.

When injected into the labia and G-spot, the O-Shot delivers these healing substances straight to tissues that have lost sensitivity and thickness due to the aging process and changes in your hormones. The platelet-rich serum triggers healing and remodeling by building new blood vessels that nourish your tissues. The PRP also encourages your body to produce new strengthening proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

Some women feel a difference immediately after their treatment, and Dr. Kochert affirms that you can have sex right after you receive treatment as soon as the same day. Over the next weeks to months, your vulvar and vaginal tissues remodel themselves with new collagen, elastin, and growth factors. Your skin becomes thicker, plumper, and more elastic, just as it was when you were younger.

The O-Shot is about more than orgasms

While intense orgasms are great for your health and for your relationship, the O-Shot confers other benefits, too. The restorative powers of the injected platelet serum affect all of your urogenital tissues. In addition to better orgasms and sex, you notice:

  • Less urinary leakage
  • Less urge incontinence
  • Improved lichen sclerosis (white spots on skin)
  • More attractive appearance

Getting optimal results from the O-Shot requires specialized, in-depth training. Dr. Kochert is certified to perform the O-Shot by the procedure’s inventor, Dr. Charles Runels.

Why stop down there?

Your PRP serum can be used to revitalize other areas of your skin and tissues, too. Dr. Kochert is certified to perform Vampire® Facials, which combine PRP with microneedling to lift, tone, and smooth your face. She uses the regenerative powers of PRP to improve everything from pain to hair loss to arthritis.

To find out how the O-Shot and PRP can restore your sex life and boost your overall quality of life, contact us today. Use the online form, or just call our friendly office staff.