Healthy Tips for Managing Your Weight

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported an obesity prevalence of more than 42% in the United States in 2018. That’s up from only 30% in 1999, indicating that Americans are getting heavier. 

Considering that carrying extra pounds increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke, there are many good reasons to practice effective weight management. 

Our team at Dr. Kochert Pain & Health specializes in weight management for our patients. We take an individual approach to weight management since there’s no single combination of diet and exercise that works for everyone. Partnering with a medical professional gives you access to treatments and supervision you can’t get with self-managed plans. 

We offer weight-loss diets, including the hCG diet, which is a low-calorie diet couple with hCG injections. When you partner with Dr. Kochert to lose weight, she makes other complementary weight-loss tools available, including appetite suppressant medications, vitamin infusions, vitamin B12 shots, lipo injections, and MetagenicsⓇ nutritional products.

However, your habits at home are critical for weight management, too, so here are some practical suggestions to keep in mind as you follow your plan. 

Fill up with fiber

It’s easier to resist the temptation of holiday treats when you’re already full from a diet rich in lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. You can have fairly large portions of many high-fiber vegetables in return for a very low caloric load. 

While the particulars of your diet are best made in partnership with Dr. Kochert, identify those high-fiber foods you love and can depend on as your new staples. Fiber helps you feel full longer, improves digestive health, and is protective against certain chronic diseases.

Stay in motion

Adding 30 minutes of activity, five times a week is an oft-quoted standard in the weight management equation, and there’s no arguing its benefits. 

But since you’re blocking out time for activity, there’s nothing that says you can’t extend that to 45, 60 minutes, or beyond, particularly when you choose low-impact activities like walking. Blocking off longer times also means that you’re more likely to meet minimum activity levels even when life gets in the way. 

Grab some weights

Make time for weight training, too. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to lift some hand weights or use resistance bands. Adding weight and resistance training builds muscle, which increases your calorie burn to boost your metabolism. Retaining muscle is important as you age, too, for better balance that can reduce your risk of falls. 

Experts advise doing weight training a few days a week. Talk with Dr. Kochert for guidance about how exercise fits into your weight-loss plan.

Each of these strategies works in both weight loss and weight maintenance stages, though other aspects of your plan may vary. 

Contact Dr. Kochert Pain & Health by phone or online to arrange your weight management consultation. You don’t have to go it alone, so book your appointment today.